New battery springs make the right connections

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You’ve seen them, almost certainly used them, and now you can get battery springs from Lee Spring. This latest addition to the company’s range takes its portfolio to over 11,000 different types of stock spring.

Battery springs provide fast, efficient and reliable contacts in most situations where portable power is required, for example, in self contained moulded battery compartments or tailored applications.

Manufactured from nickel coated music wire Lee Spring’s battery springs are designed to adjust to varying battery lengths and provide secure, low contact resistance and dependable connections. They are ideal for prototype or small run production as well as large scale manufacturing and assembly.

Four mounting configurations are offered – interior, exterior, adjustable and double - all of which have been developed to work with the four most popular battery sizes: AA, AAA, C and D. Custom designs are also possible.

Battery springs are produced in nickel coated music wire for several reasons. Most alkaline batteries use nickel plated containers and so nickel coatings on contact surfaces are generally preferred. The use of similar materials also removes the possibility of galvanic corrosion and enhances resistance to wear. Additionally, nickel helps to break down the oxide that can form on battery contact surfaces, it offers excellent corrosion resistance and is an excellent conductor of electricity.

This new range of battery springs will appeal to engineers who are developing portable devices that will rely on battery power as well as existing users who may wish to check the efficacy of their supply chains.


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