New decanter centrifuge enhances Ethanol production

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Drawing on 40 years experience as the leading supplier of decanter centrifuges to the UK distillery and US ethanol markets, Alfa Laval has introduced a new generation decanter centrifuge designed for use in high volume ethanol production plants. 

The SG2 700 decanter centrifuge is designed for plants producing roughly 450 million litres of ethanol per year. Its internal design has been optimised for the handling of stillage from grains, such as corn and wheat, from which ethanol is commonly produced. The high “G” forces it generates – up to 3500 G - produce a very dry cake and a thin, very clear stillage liquor.

While the design of the machine focuses on performance and reduced power consumption, it also produces low noise levels for a comfortable work environment. A sturdy welded box beam frame supports the rotating assembly, including the two motors, to ensure low noise and vibration and provide easy access for service and maintenance. As a result, the whole-life costs of the decanter are lower than usual for this type of application.

Central to the SG2 700’s effciency are a number of features that enhance performance and product quality. For instance, a Direct Drive system, comprising a gearbox and variable frequency drive, automatically controls the different speeds at which the decanter bowl and conveyor rotate, enabling the system to achieve the best possible balance between liquid clarity and cake dryness, irrespective of any fluctuations in feed quality or volume.

Control of the SG2 700 comes through a Decanter Core Controller with a dedicated central processor and grahic interface. The DCC varies the speeds of the direct drive to accommodate variations in the solids load in the bowl. In addition it monitors a number of other key parameters that are central to the machine’s efficient operation.  The DCC can be connected to central process monitoring/control systems via  a number of proprietary bus systems.

The bowl, conveyor, casing and other key areas of the machine that are likely to come into contact with product are made of AISI 316 and duplex stainless steel. Wear parts are provided with added protection in the form of replaceable sintered or welded tungsten carbide flights. The SG2-700 can be supplied in a  3-phase version in which corn oil can be separated out at the same time as the cake is being dewatered and the liquor clarified and it can also be equipped with a paring disc, if required. With ATEX-compliance, the SG2-700 is also suitable for use in Zone 22.


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