New EPLAN Platform Version 1.9

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Following on from a successful launch at the Hanover Fair, EPLAN are pleased to announce that the latest version of the EPLAN Platform is soon to be available.  Version 1.9 is flexible, practice-oriented and offers real-world, customer driven new features which have been introduced following consultation with existing EPLAN users.  A myriad of new functions have accordingly been incorporated into the new version which will enhance the intuitiveness and productivity of all users regardless of their experience level.

The EPLAN platform includes EPLAN Electric P8, EPLAN Fluid and EPLAN PPE, which are all based on the uniformed database.  The new features and functional innovations of the new 1.9 version can be found in all three products with the users benefiting from integrated data handling across the entire process.
Highlights which include EPLAN now supporting Windows Vista, are:

Flexible parts management - also via SQL: In addition to the commercial and technical components data, the EPLAN parts management now stores logical function descriptions. Due to new individual classification attributes, devices are now being designed, controlled and analysed in an optimal manner leading to short access times and multi-user handling for simultaneous access by many project participants.

Redlining – fast accurate modifications:  With the new redlining function, the entire documentation can be transferred to the PDF format and subsequently released for modification data.  Modifications can also now be re-imported as graphic elements into the original EPLAN project.

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