New Foundrax Brochure Details Latest Hardness Testing Equipment Ranges

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2 April 2007 – Hardness testing equipment specialist Foundrax Engineering Products Ltd, has published a 16-page, full colour brochure highlighting its comprehensive range of Brinell hardness testers and accessories, as well as recently introduced Rockwell, Vickers, universal and portable hardness testing ranges. The free-on-request publication provides detailed specifications and selection information to guide users to the most appropriate unit for their needs.

The company’s core Brinell hardness testing equipment is based on almost 60 years experience at the forefront of hardness testing development, including work with both national and international bodies such as the International Standards Organisation.

The Foundrax Brinell hardness testing range extends from the smallest accessories, including Brinell reference blocks, reference indentation reading blocks, manual Brinell microscopes and portable hardness testers, to large fixed machines and high speed, heavy-duty ‘in-line’ installations equipped with the company’s latest BRINtronic optical measurement technology, all of which are supplied with UKAS Certificates of Calibration. In addition, Foundrax will custom design and engineer solutions to users’ individual application requirements.

The company’s competitively priced Foundrax-Wolpert Rockwell 500 and 600 series units offer proven reliability and precision under both production and laboratory conditions. They are complemented by the 2000 series of Rockwell hardness testers from US-based Wilson Instruments, the inventors of the Rockwell hardness test.

The extensive ranges of Foundrax Vickers and Micro Vickers hardness testers are widely used for determining the hardness of small parts, thin materials or wire, coatings and performance case depth variations. In addition, the company offers a series of software-based measurement packages to increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency – through automation of the measurement and/or stage navigation process.

Recently introduced Foundrax-Wolpert universal hardness testers provide reliable and robust operation under both shopfloor and laboratory conditions. Providing Vickers, Brinell or Rockwell measurement results, these versatile and flexible machines are available in either traditional ‘lever and weight’ configuration or with closed loop control technology.

Complementing the capabilities of Foundrax’s manual or automatic machines is the company’s extensive series of portable hardness testers and accessories, including Brinell microscopes, hand held testers and the full GE inspection equipment range of portable hardness testers.

Copies of the new brochure are available free on request by calling 01458 274888 or by visiting Foundrax Engineering’s recently-updated website:


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