New Hypoid style gearbox for quiet 90 degree operation

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New from HMK Automation & Drives is the Neugart WPLN right angle performance gearbox series which features quiet operation, high output torque and a compact space envelope.

In the older WPLS series, spiral bevel gears with a 1:1 ratio were used together with a planetary stage.  This combination has now been replaced with hypoid gears with or without a planetary stage.  This means that for ratios less than 10:1, the hypoid stage only is required, leading to a more compact, lighter and more cost effective solution.
Switching from a bevel to a hypoid input stage has resulted in reducing operating noise dramatically.  Additionally, the output torque has been increased significantly in comparison to solutions that currently exist on the market.
The output shaft can be supplied smooth, fitted with a key or splined according to DIN 5480. For volume applications the factory will also now undertake bespoke shaft modification.  Two flange options are available, one with a standard spigot and the other a deep spigot.
To provide the user the best possible support in selecting a gearbox, the new WPLN range of products are integrated into the Neugart Calculation Programme (NCP). This calculation and sizing programme can be downloaded free from the HMK web site.
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