New Low Cost, High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera

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The last year has seen the introduction of several low cost thermal imaging cameras. However these cameras are low-resolution models using 160 x 120 or smaller pixel array detectors. Whilst these cameras are suitable for general maintenance applications they cannot satisfy the requirements of many other applications, particularly when looking at small components etc.

For applications where the targets have small areas of interest, then it is necessary to use a high-resolution 320 x 240 pixel array detector. A 320 x 240 detector has 4 times the number of pixels of a 160 x 120 detector and consequently significantly more temperature data is collected using this high-resolution detector.

320 x 240 pixel array cameras have been available in high-end cameras for some time, but only now has the breakthrough been made to bring the 320 x 240 array into the low cost market.

IMPAC Infrared has introduced the IVN 770-P, a high performance, high resolution, fully radiometric 320 x 240 pixel array, thermal imaging camera. The IVN 770-P is probably the most cost effective high-resolution camera on the market today and represents a technology breakthrough in the low cost thermal imaging market.

The IVN 770-P has a temperature range of -20 to 250°C and can resolve temperature differences as small as 0.1°C, with a pixel size of just 0.75mm x 0.73 mm at a distance of 0.5m. Its onboard memory can store upto 400 thermal images for easy download to a PC, using the USB2.0 interface, for analysing or report writing.

Its integral 3.5 inch Colour LCD display and one hand operation makes the IVN 770-P a simple and easy to use thermal imaging camera.

The introduction of the IVN 770-P gives the user the option of having a real high-resolution camera rather than the compromise of using a low cost low-resolution camera.

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