New lower price of £995 for prototype parts

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Advancements in software and processes allow Proto Labs to lower entry-level prices and pass savings on to customers.

May 2009—Proto Labs, Ltd. (, the global leader in quick-turn CNC machining and injection moulding today announced that it can now make a mould and ship real injection moulded parts for as little as £995.

In May of 1999, Proto Labs launched its Protomold service and delighted designers of injection moulded parts by radically reducing the lead time and cost to manufacture custom prototype and low-volume production parts. Today, design engineers can celebrate lower minimum prices from Protomold.

The company attributes its price reduction to increased efficiencies in its automated manufacturing processes, improvements in its proprietary software and advances in its application of compute cluster technology.

“Over the past several years, Proto Labs has made significant advances in our technology, which in turn has led to considerable productivity advances in our manufacturing operations. We’re excited to be able to pass along these improvements to our customers in the form of lower minimum prices,” said Brad Cleveland, Proto Labs President and CEO. “In addition to lower prices, our ability to manufacture bigger parts with more complex geometries continues to expand, enabling us to meet the needs of an ever expanding population of design engineers worldwide.”

About Proto Labs
Proto Labs has radically changed the economics and lead times associated with low-volume production of CNC machined and injection moulded parts through the use of proprietary software running on a compute cluster at over 2 trillion floating point operations per second.  Proto Labs offers two services in North America, Europe and Japan: First Cut provides CNC machining and Protomold, rapid injection moulding; both of which can ship parts in as little as one business day.  For more information, visit: and

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