Siemens PG is to build a combined cycle power plant with a seawater desalination facility in Pakistan, plus two identical-design steam power plant units in Morocco.

Siemens Power Generation

(PG) is to build a combined cycle power plant with seawater desalination facility in


for Karachi-based independent power provider DHA Cogen.

Siemens PG will also build two identical-design steam power plant units for Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) in Morocco. The two orders are valued at approximately €80 million.

The new power plant in the Pakistani harbour city will have an installed capacity of 94 megawatts and produce approximately 14 million litres of drinking water daily. The plant is a key component of a $600-million infrastructure project being implemented by the Defence Housing Authority.

When completed, this project will provide a housing area for approximately 800,000 people. The new power plant is scheduled to come on line in early 2007. By linking the power plant with a thermal desalination facility almost 85 percent of the energy contained in the natural gas will be utilised. A second unit of this type is planned.

The Siemens PG scope encompasses overall planning for an SCC-1000F Single-Shaft combined cycle power plant, and supply of the turbine-generators and other components.

This order from Pakistan also includes the supervision of erection operations and commissioning of the two turbine-generators, the heat-recover boiler, and the auxiliary and ancillary systems. The Swedish company Alfa Laval will supply the two-train desalination plant. The Siemens Regional Company will handle the civil works and erection of the entire plant.

The two steam power plant units, which Siemens PG will build as turnkey projects in Jorf Lasfar, located 110 kilometres south of Casablanca, will each have a capacity of 33 megawatts. This electrical power will meet the auxiliary demand of OCP’s phosphoric acid production process. The surplus power will be sold to the country’s utilities. The power plant units will not be equipped with customary boilers but with reactors, where the heat produced by the reaction between phosphate and sulphuric acid will be used to produce steam.

Siemens PG as the leader of an international consortium will supply the two steam turbine-generators, the condensers, and the electrical and I&C equipment. The consortium partner Litwin based in Paris, France, will be responsible for the civil works, erection and various ancillary systems. Commissioning of the two units of the Jorf Lasfar industrial power plant is scheduled for May and June 2007.