New Profil Stud Provides Accurate Location and High Strength threaded Fixing

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10 August 2007: A new derivative of its NBR stud has been developed by leading pierce and rivet fastening specialist, Profil UK to ensure accurate positioning and high strength threaded fixing of components in sheet metal assemblies.

Building on the proven abilities of the company’s 14 mm diameter plain NBR studs, which provide precise location of front sub-assembly assemblies on BMW MINIs, the latest fasteners are ideal for dynamic, static and shock load applications in materials from 0.6 mm to 4.0 mm thick.

They feature a large flange head for exceptional pull through performance and are equally suitable for plain or coated raw materials in aluminium, steel, stainless, magnesium and high strength steel - enabling high strength, watertight fixings to be achieved with an absolute positional accuracy of + 0.2 mm. The new NBR stud variant also incorporates a shouldered design for precise component location and a generous thread lead-in for use with high speed nut running equipment.

Like other Profil fasteners, it is designed for automatic insertion in pressed components as part of their production process and has already been specified by a further European vehicle manufacturer to streamline the location and retention of door hinges on a number of its models.

“The assured accuracy and consistent placement of our products in every component is ideal for robot-based or ‘machine vision’ based automated assembly methods,” says Profil UK’s sales manager, Adrian Ellis.  “Furthermore, their load carrying capabilities and corrosion resistance all contribute to the exceptional cost and quality benefits our pierce fastening technology offers over traditional welded or threaded fixing methods.


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