New QLC zero insertion force connector for portable

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New QLC zero insertion force connector for portable medical applications announced by ITT Interconnect Solutions

New QLC zero insertion force connector for portable medical applications announced by ITT Interconnect Solutions

Miniature lightweight connector with high pin count: detailed in new applications note

September 2009 – Industry-leading connector manufacturer ITT Interconnect Solutions has designed a new QLC zero insertion force connector to meet the demanding environments frequently found in applications such as portable medical equipment, which need a combination of high reliability and functionality within ever-diminishing space.  The new QLC medical connector is the latest in ITT ’s complete line of DL zero insertion force connectors and meets the challenge of providing a high pin count whilst remaining within size constraints demanded by designers tasked with increasing the portability of sophisticated equipment such as ultrasound scanners.  Additionally, it is possibly the most economical low-cost-per-mated-line I/O connector currently on the market.

The QLC medical connector features a 260-position pin count within a lightweight aluminium shell. The quick-disconnect latch lock provides easy mating and unmating, vital for speed in portable medical equipment, yet is robust enough to withstand 20,000 mating cycles.   It offers RFI and EMI shielding against electrical interference.

Applications include medical equipment, ultrasound scanners, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, test instruments and industrial control box connection.

Further details can be found in an application note which is downloadable from

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