New tile NOx pollution for six

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A new roof tile coating absorbs asthma-causing pollutants from the air.

Roofing manufacturer Marley Eternit has launched a new roof tile coating that will absorb asthma-causing pollutants from the air.

The new coating, EcoLogic, contains a catalyst that is activated by the sun’s rays. This removes nitrogen oxides (NOx) which contribute to asthmatic and bronchial problems from the air, along with other atmospheric pollutants responsible for smog and acid rain.

The EcoLogic coating contains special grades of titanium dioxide (TiO2) that trigger a reaction under the influence of the UV radiation in sunlight converting NOx into nitric acid ions. These are then neutralised by the lime and calcium carbonate in the concrete.

Marley Eternit estimates that during its lifetime an average-sized roof with EcoLogic tiles could remove an amount of NOx equivalent to that emitted by a modern car driving 100,000 miles.

The new tile also combines much higher levels of recycled materials than standard concrete tiles. So not only does the tile have active environment-improving properties, it is a highly-sustainable building product in its own right.

EcoLogic is being launched in a Bracken colour with a brown granular textured surface to complement a wide range of architectural styles, from urban renewal to new build developments.

The effects of NOx are well documented and the Government has targeted a reduction of NOx emission levels from the 2004 level of 1.6 to below 1.2 million tonnes by 2010. Based on Marley Eternit’s testing, EcoLogic tiles are expected to continue absorbing pollutants for around 20 years.