New torque wrench raises the standard and stays in calibration in the toughest environments

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16 March 2009 - Norbar®, the world’s largest specialist manufacturer of torque tools has enhanced its range of torque wrenches with the addition of two brand new Trutorque models ideally suited to tough environments. The new models increase the TruTorque range of wrenches from 1N.m to 300 N.m and encompass outstanding durability.

Philip Brodey, Sales & Marketing Director of Norbar ®, said: ‘This development provides our customers with even greater reliability, resilience and range of choice. The Trutorque is accurate to +/– 3% of reading, which exceeds all international standards. And, as each wrench is supplied with a coded calibration certificate it makes compliance and traceability an exact science. We believe our design team has produced the best tool for UK and World markets at a very competitive price.’

The addition of the two new torque wrenches gives Norbar® an even more outstanding product range and continues the long standing tradition of a company that has been providing torque tools for 67 years.

The key objective for the design team was to produce a wrench that is durable and will stay in calibration, even when used regularly in tough workshop conditions. The new wrench uses an improved mechanism that still retains some of the proven elements from established Norbar® designs.

Adjustment is simplicity itself, with a coarse scale and a micrometer for fine setting.  Whilst some well known wrenches need an arm wrestler to adjust them, the new Norbar® Wrench moves with fingertip control over the whole length of the scale.

The totally new handle design, incorporating a lock to prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque, is extremely comfortable with excellent slip resistance in all conditions.   And, the tough ratchets are reversible; their narrow engagement angles allowing easy use of the TruTorque in tight spaces.
The ratchets on models of 100N.m and above are also ‘push through’ meaning that these wrenches will give torque control in both the clockwise and anti clockwise directions.

The tools are made in England by Norbar® and calibrated in-house with 
traceability provided by measuring equipment calibrated in Norbar’s UKAS accredited torque calibration laboratory.

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