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Market leading lubricants manufacturer ROCOL has extended its popular Sapphire®

New flue gas analyser from Michell saves on installation and maintenance costs with innovative design

Michell Instruments’ XZR-500 flue gas analyser can help save companies thousands of dollars due to its innovative metallic sealed reference sensor (MSRS), which operates reliably in temperatures up to 1500°C. The analyser’s semi-in-situ location makes it easy to install, simple to operate and economical to maintain.

Ideal for applications such as combustion efficiency for boilers or industrial waste incinerators, the XZR-500 provides the speed of response and simplicity of installation of an in-situ analyser combined with the longer sensor life span associated with an ex-situ analyser.

The XZR-500 is installed immediately adjacent to the sampling point close to the radiation zone. Taking the measurement within this point of high-temperature gives reliably accurate readings while installations further down the process have the risk of contaminating the sample gas with ambient air leakages, resulting in false readings. The probe is designed to operate effectively in temperatures up to 1500°C – unlike many similar products on the market.

The MSRS technology is based on a sealed metallic reference – which means that air can be used as a calibration gas. This also reduces time spent on installation and maintenance: if a sensor replacement is needed, it can be performed within minutes without interrupting the process.

A further reduction in the cost of ownership is achieved through the rugged design of the sensor cell. The new MSRS technology-based XZR-500 oxygen analyser has an extremely long life span compared to any conventional zirconia-based analysers.

When operated in extremely dirty applications, such as coal-fired power stations the robust MSRS cell of the XZR-500 can be combined with a blow-back mechanism for increased reliability in readings.

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