No blood on the tracks

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Duos Technologies has designed an automated remote-access security and surveillance system to ensure railroad tunnel passageways are continuously monitored and protected from attacks.

Duos said in a statement that it has developed and deployed several intelligent tunnel surveillance systems enabling real-time remote digital imagery, secure communications, and data transport to and from multiple rail tunnel locations to a central control centre.

Duos' customised tunnel surveillance solutions, through the use of various day and night cameras producing digital imagery in colour and black and white, are connected to video servers. The video servers, through intelligent software that discriminates between authorised traffic and intruders, process the live feed and create a video digital archive.

The systems are said to automatically detect intruders and suspicious objects within a user defined security zone and immediately deploy audio and visual alarms at the intrusion site as well as at the operations command centre. A customised graphic user interface allows simultaneous viewing of live video, operation of cameras, and monitoring of the entire security system by authorised security operators using a common web browser.

In addition to automated intrusion alarms, the systems include visual and multi-language audio announcements upon perimeter breach, advanced heat detection, IR Illuminators, amplified speakers, and strobe lights.

"The genesis of the Remote Tunnel Security System was the imminent threat to a rail tunnel in a populated metropolitan area," said Gianni B. Arcaini, Duos' CEO. "Instead of having railroad security personnel monitor a multitude of cameras, they can now use our surveillance systems to automatically detect, analyse and instantly communicate actual security events to a remotely located central command and control station.

“The deployment of our tunnel surveillance systems assists the major railroad companies and commuter rail lines in protecting the transportation system and aids in preventing it from being used against us in a terrorist strike," added Arcaini.