Ocean energy

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Voith Siemens Hydro and the South Korean firm of Renetec have formed a joint venture to develop and deploy tidal current turbines.

Initially, the new company plans to build a tidal current power plant in Wando county in the South Jeolla Province of the country with a rated capacity of around 600MW - enough power to meet the demands of 400,000 homes.

The planned Korean power park will consist of a series of 'bridges' that can support three tidal turbines, each rated at 1MW. In use, the bridge's crossbeam will be rotated around the horizontal axis to allow the turbines to follow the direction of the tide. The crossbeam may also be lifted from the water for maintenance purposes.

Resembling windmills, the new plants will use the kinetic energy of the current to generate power, rather than the potential energy of the water, a common practise of other tidal generation schemes.