OCS pioneers new ways to save energy and the environment

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OCS Engineering will be revealing its leading-edgesolutions in building maintenance on stand A5 atthe top trade exhibition Maintec 2007. In the areaof energy-savings – a main topic of the exhibition –OCS will introduce its pioneering intelligent e

OCS Engineering – the expert engineering and technology division of the leading property support services group OCS - will be revealing its leading-edge solutions in building maintenance on stand A5 at the top trade exhibition Maintec 2007.

In the area of energy-savings – a main topic of the exhibition – OCS will introduce its pioneering intelligent energy control system ICE™ which promises savings of between 10%-15% on a typical building energy cost at a time when costs are 60% more than 12 months ago. ICE™ harnesses twenty first century technologies by sitting above conventional BMS systems and combining the latest advances in artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to seek out ‘hidden relationships’ between variables in a building such as internal and external temperatures, meteorological predictions; building heat-up and cool-down; and other minute changes in operating conditions. Using this highly predictive intelligence, ICE™ is able to carry out continuous, high-level interactive adjustments to building systems which can result in significant energy savings across all building energy usage.

The other principal development being shown at the OCS stand is the Ecaflo™ range of patented products which represent a breakthrough in chemical-free water treatment for all types of public buildings from hospitals and clinics to corporate headquarters. Ecaflo uses technology which creates a highly potent biocidal agent which is effective against all classes of hazardous microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi, including Legionella, HIV and Cryptosporidium. The Ecaflo solution can be dosed into building water systems or used as a topical treatment to replace chemicals such as chlorine-based bleach. Whilst effectively eradicating such dangers to public health, however, the Ecaflo fluid, Ecasol, is totally harmless to human health or the environment – providing an ecologically sound alternative to aggressive chemicals in the built environment.

In addition to these technology developments, OCS Engineering will also be reinforcing its comprehensive service portfolio including design, build, installation and maintenance packages for air conditioning, mechanical and electrical services, fire protection and extinguishing systems, CCTV, access control and IT systems. As part of the OCS property support services group, OCS Engineering can also call upon the expertise and experience of a group employing 61,000 professionals working across four continents.

OCS Engineering clients range from blue chip financial institutions including international banks and insurance companies to major sports venues and public sector clients.

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