Online service monitors Yorkshire flood risk

Individuals and businesses at flood risk in Yorkshire can now monitor local river and sea levels online, the Environment Agency has announced.

The service - at - will allow the public to monitor developing flood situations at more than 140 river and coastal locations in Yorkshire.

Data from more than 1,700 monitoring stations across England and Wales will complement personalised phone and text-message alerts from the Environment Agency’s free flood-warning service.

Monitoring information online will be updated daily, or more frequently during flooding incidents.

More and more homes and businesses have their own individual flood defences and the new information service will help them to decide when to fit flood boards and gates.

Craig Woolhouse, the Environment Agency’s head of flood-incident management, said: ’Our new service is there to help people, communities and businesses make informed decisions about how to respond to potential flooding. It will also be a valuable source of up-to-date information for boaters, surfers and other water users.’