Out now: The Engineer's May issue

The Engineer's May issue is now available to read and download online

With many of our regular print readers and newsletter subscribers still hunkered down at home we hope that this special digital version of our May issue will help to keep you informed, entertained and feeling positive about the many ways in which engineers help address the big challenges that we face.


Few, if any, challenges are bigger than those presented by the current Coronavirus pandemic, and as you’d expect we’ve been exploring the critical role to be played by engineers and manufacturers.

But you’ll be relieved to hear that that isn’t the primary focus of this issue. Indeed, in the interests of providing some welcome distraction, we’re sticking to our remit of championing and exploring some of industry’s most exciting engineering technology trends and developments. Enjoy.


  • Covid-19: News analysis on UK manufacturing’s continued efforts to develop essential equipment for the fight against COVID-19
  • Batteries: In-depth report on why it is vital that the UK scales up its battery manufacturing ambitions
  • Civil Engineering: How an ambitious flood defence scheme for Hull promises a triple whammy of benefits for the vital industrial city
  • Consumer Technology: Engineers leverage the power of graphene to develop world-class loudspeaker technology
  • Q&A Feature: Expert panelists discuss the trends and technologies that are shaping the exciting world of augmented and virtual reality
  • Late Great Engineers: a look at the life and impact one of Antiquity’s greatest scientists. Archimedes of Syracuse