Panel session: Managing scope 3 emissions in the manufacturing supply chain

Register now for our free November 17th online panel session exploring the challenges of measuring and addressing Scope 3 emissions in the manufacturing supply chain. Featuring speakers from High Value Manufacturing Catapult, Babcock International, Hyde Aero Products and National Manufacturing Institute Scotland


In the push for net zero, engineering businesses face a range of challenges: from a requirement to deploy new processes and technologies to a need to tap into cleaner sources or energy.

But arguably the biggest and most complex challenge manufacturers face is addressing the indirect emissions generated by organisations further down the supply chain: so-called Scope 3 emissions.

In this online panel session, the third in a series of net zero discussions produced by The High Value Manufacturing Catapult and the Engineer, a panel of experts from across UK industry will explore the challenges presented by Scope 3 emissions and consider some of the technologies and methodologies that can be used to measure, understand and address this vital piece of the net zero puzzle.

Through best practice examples and key insights from industry leaders this session will provide invaluable practical advice on how to approach the scope 3 challenge and explore how - through the smart use of data and digital tools – manufacturers and their partners can work together to drive down emissions across the supply chain.  

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