Partners develop open-source platform for mobile apps

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The increasing use of mobile devices that can access the internet has brought with it the need for a single universal platform for mobile internet application development.

This has prompted 20 partners from research and industry − representing the mobile web, consumer electronics and the automotive industry − to team-up to create the Europe-wide project ’webinos’.

Led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems, the webinos consortium of major international companies will develop an open-source platform and software components that will allow cross-platform use of services and technologies that can be operated across multiple mobile devices.

The technology will allow software designers from across the industry to create web applications and services that can be used and shared over a spectrum of converged and connected devices, regardless of their respective hardware specifications and operating systems.

The three-year project will start in September 2010 and is co-funded by the EU, which has provided a grant of €10m (£9m). Among the industry partners who have already committed to the initiative are Deutsche Telekom, Telcom Italia, BMW Research and Technology, Sony Ericsson and Samsung Electronics.

W3C, the international internet standards body, is also a member of the consortium and will ensure that the reference platform is consistent with current and emerging standards.