Philips signs solar technology deal

Philips has signed an agreement with the Dutch government to form a partnership that will develop a new generation of sustainable solar-powered lighting solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Under the agreement, Philips will invest in new product development and the Dutch government will provide funding for creating awareness, entrepreneurial training and project management.

The partnership aims to provide 10 million people in 14 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with affordable, sustainable energy solutions and services by 2015.

Possible technologies being explored by Philips include the ‘Uday’ lantern, which could replace candles and kerosene lamps. The company claims that this compact system provides bright white light of 250 lumens (the equivalent light of 250 candles) for four to five hours, with one day’s charge.

Philips may also provide products and services such as crankable torches and water purifiers.