PM promotes CO2 reduction

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The light bulbs in 10 Downing Street are being changed for low-energy versions as part of a National Science Week environmental campaign.

National Science Week (NSW), a 10-day celebration of science, engineering and technology, is launched today with a strong emphasis on preventing climate change. The event, organised by the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BA), runs from 10-19 March.

This year, NSW is promoting individual responsibility for climate change with its “Click for the Climate” online pledge, allowing people to see how much they will reduce their carbon dioxide emission by and how much has been pledged across the country.

“Last year, over half a million people took part in National Science Week”’ said Roland Jackson, Chief Executive of the BA. “If they all just replaced one ordinary light bulb in their home with an energy saving bulb, then National Science Week would have cut down carbon dioxide emissions by over 240 tonnes. People say they can’t make a difference – this shows that they clearly can.”

Prime Minister Tony Blair said, “I am pleased to support Click for the Climate and will be turning down the thermostat by one degree to reduce my personal energy usage. From 1 April, all flights taken by Ministers and civil servants will be carbon neutral. This continues the precedent we set by making the G8 Gleneagles conference last year entirely carbon neutral. In addition, Downing St already sources 75% of our electricity from green suppliers, and as many light bulbs as possible have been changed over to energy efficient ones.”