Poll results: A return to imperial measurements – yes or no?

The UK government has pledged to review current laws on units of measurement. As we await the results of a public consultation on the matter, last week’s poll (Sept 20-27) asked whether you believe there’s any merit to reviving imperial measurements?

The Poll took place between Sept 20-27 and received 891 votes -


Whilst imperial units are still used by the UK public - and indeed remain legal as primary indications of measurement for some specific areas such as road signage - some would like to wind back the clock and unpick current laws which require metric units to be used for most trade purposes.

In the face of much ridicule across the political spectrum, proponents of such a move - including the current business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg and former prime minister Boris Johnson have hailed it as a potential “Brexit-bonus”, claiming that it could reduce the amount of red-tape faced by businesses.   

And whilst government has apparently recognised that metric units remain essential for both science and international trade it is now reviewing how measurements are used in domestic trade and consumer transactions. The results of a controversial consultation on the matter launched by Rees-Mogg earlier this year whist he was still Brexit opportunities minister are expected to be published soon.

In last week’s poll we asked for your views on this topic. Do you believe UK law should be changed to allow imperial measurements for domestic trade? Is there any merit at all to the proposals? Or is it ridiculous that we’re even discussing the potential reintroduction of a system of weights and measures that hasn’t been taught in school for decades?

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