Power from landfill gas

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Low Carbon Accelerator Limited has made a 23% equity investment of £300,000 in Turbine Developments and has the right of first refusal for further funding rounds.

Turbine Developments, a company spun out from Queen's University, Belfast, has developed a gas turbine engine which generates electrical power from low quality landfill gas - in the range of 13 to 30% methane - with no pilot fuel requirements. LCA's investment will fund final development work on the turbine engine.

As UK landfill gas concentrations decline over time, Turbine Developments' specialist engine will enable landfill gas power generating companies to maintain a production capacity on sites which would otherwise have to flare the gas.

‘Turbine Developments' technology will enable operators to continue generating renewable power and avoid wasteful gas flaring, significantly extending the life of their asset base,’ commented Mark Shorrock, Chief Executive of Low Carbon Initiative Limited, the company's Investment Manager. ‘This investment represents an important addition to our clean energy portfolio.’