Radial piston pump

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Radial piston pump is now compatible with Skydrol and Hyjet, meeting the needs of the aviation industry

Responding to the needs of the aviation manufacturing industry, Moog has developed a new version of its RKP-II second generation radial piston pump, customised for use with aggressive phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, such as Skydrol and Hyjet. The specialist pump is available in 19, 32 and 80cm/rev variants, in single or tandem pump arrangement, with a maximum operating pressure of up to 350bar, and provides the option of either pressure compensator control or load sensing control. 

The already-rugged standard pump has been further upgraded with features such as EPDM seals to provide compatibility with Skydrol to type V, LD4, 500B4, and Hyjet – the standard hydraulic fluids used in aviation manufacture. With this new level of robustness as standard, aviation industry customers can reap all the benefits of the second generation RKP technology, including low noise, high efficiency and increased service life.

This new version of the RKP-II is available with standard SAE-A and SAE-B flanges to provide full compatibility with other makes of pumps when operating in tandem. Other improvements include redesigned stroke rings, an enlarged suction port and a flow-optimised suction path helping to increase the robustness of the pump by improving the suction behaviour and reduce the level of noise emission.
The pump has been designed for typical stationary hydraulic applications within the aviation manufacturing industry, such as aircraft testing and repair, airframe construction, and aircraft hydraulic component manufacturing. By delivering improved durability, low maintenance requirements and a longer life, the pump can help significantly in reducing maintenance costs and improving machinery uptime.

The pump is supplied as standard with a 12 month warranty, and customers benefit from fast delivery times and worldwide support.

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