Radical radiator

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One of the most common and aesthetically boring parts of the house is about to get a makeover.

One of the most common and aesthetically boring parts of the house is about to get a makeover, thanks to the skills of a product design student from Coventry University.

Andrew Rainsford’s final year degree project has focused on the ordinary household radiator and totally transformed it into a gleaming work of art.

Rainsford, 22, from Cheshire, wanted to do something totally different that would appeal to people looking to give their house a more modern and edgy look without losing any of the practical elements of the radiator.

'The household radiator has always been a functional but forgettable modern appliance and I wanted to bring it into the 21st century by making it more of a feature,' he said.

The gleaming chrome rails of Rainsford’s design are suspended within an attractive Perspex body to produce a striking radiator like no other. Its uniquely illuminated Perspex body means that it can radiate a soft and soothing ambience into the coolest of living spaces or bathrooms.

'By varying the intensity of the illumination, the radiators can bring different things to any living space. A red radiator, for instance, would give off a warm glow and create a practical focal point for the living room,' he added.

The radiators would be available in a variety of colours and the user can adjust the brightness of the radiator’s glow to reflect their mood.

Rainsford’s designs will be on display at the Coventry University Degree Show 2007 in the Maurice Foss Building, Cox Street, Coventry from 2 June until 7 June.

Opening times are from 10am to 5pm and admission is free.