Rail text contract for Eckoh

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National Rail Enquiries has awarded a three-year contract to BT and Eckoh to provide an interactive SMS text-based journey planning solution

National Rail Enquiries

has awarded a three year contract to


and strategic business partner


to provide an interactive SMS text-based journey planning solution.

The TrainTracker Text service, which went live in early April 2008, complements the existing speech-enabled TrainTracker journey planning and travel information service, launched by BT and Eckoh in January 2005. Hertfordshire-based Eckoh is the UK’s largest provider of hosted speech recognition services.

TrainTracker Text will be fully integrated with National Rail Enquiries' journey planning engine to deliver current and consistent information to travellers. Like the automated speech service, TrainTracker Text allows customers to obtain real-time arrival and departure information for UK journeys.

The service uses the same 'built in intelligence' as the speech service to recognise callers and to anticipate their requests. To use the service, customers send a text message to a mobile short code to obtain live arrival and or departure information for their chosen station or journey.

National Rail Enquiries CEO, Chris Scoggins, said: 'With their ability to deliver complex messages succinctly, BT and Eckoh's technology will allow us to provide an enhanced level of information via this rapidly expanding channel.’