Raytheon and Abu Dhabi Ship Building of the United Arab Emirates have signed a contract for the sale of seven Rolling Airframe Missile Guided Missile Weapon Systems.

The direct commercial sale, valued at $76.5m, calls for the systems to be delivered starting in December 2007 and installed on six Baynunah corvettes. The agreement provides for an on-shore Rolling Airframe Missile test and training system, logistical support and other services.

Rolling Airframe Missile is a supersonic, lightweight, quick-reaction, fire-and-forget missile that provides defence against anti-ship cruise missiles, airborne threats and hostile surface craft.

Included in the Rolling Airframe Missile Guided Missile Launching System is a 21-round launcher with supporting below-deck controls and intuitive control interface.

The Rolling Airframe Missile's autonomous dual-mode passive radio frequency and infrared guidance design is said to provide a high firepower capability for engaging multiple threats simultaneously.

Produced in partnership by Raytheon and RAMSYS of Germany, Rolling Airframe Missile is aboard nearly 100 ships for the navies of the United States, Germany, Greece, Korea and Egypt.