Raytheon continues ITAS support

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The US Army Aviation and Missile Systems Command has awarded Raytheon initial contract funding of $11.7m for contractor logistics support for the Improved Target Acquisition System, or ITAS. The ten-year firm-fixed-price contract, valued at more than $300m, continues contractor logistics support for the army and marks the start for the US Marine Corps.

The contract requires Raytheon's Network Centric Systems (NCS) business to provide worldwide logistics support to army and marine corps TOW (tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided) weapon system operations at garrison locations, training centres, and in combat operations. It also includes performance-based financial incentives that require Raytheon to maintain system operational readiness rates at or above 90 per cent.

The ITAS contractor logistics support programme is managed out of Raytheon's McKinney, Texas, facility with field service representatives provided at customer-specified locations around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

ITAS is the Electro-Optic Target Acquisition Fire Control System that precisely guides the TOW weapon systems to their targets. ITAS's 2nd generation FLIR (forward-looking infrared) sensor provides long-range reconnaissance and surveillance capability in all conditions.