Recruitment webinar: Cavendish Nuclear: Fuel Your Future. Power Up Your Career

Curious about the future of clean energy? Join Cavendish Nuclear's exciting webinar and discover a world of opportunity, even if you're new to the nuclear industry!

In this webinar you will hear inspiring stories from Cavendish Nuclear employees across various roles - engineering, project management and more who will share their journeys and how Cavendish empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to excel.


Explore groundbreaking projects tackling the world's energy challenges and see how your unique skills can contribute.

This webinar is for YOU if:

• You're passionate about making a difference in clean energy.
• You possess a strong work ethic and a desire to learn.
• You're eager to join a dynamic team that values fresh perspectives.

Cavendish Nuclear offers a rewarding career path and fosters continuous learning.

Register today and unlock your potential in the ever-evolving world of nuclear energy!


Tuesday, July 2nd, 11 am


Michael Bond - International & Business Winning Director, Cavendish Nuclear

Lynsey Valentine - Cavendish Nuclear Strategy Director & Strategic Advisor, Women in Nuclear UK