Renault launches biodiesel vans

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Renault has launched B30 biodiesel-compatible diesel versions of two of its commercial vehicles, the Trafic 2.0 dCi B30 and Master 2.5 dCi B30, as a first step in introducing biofuel-ready vehicles.

The move is part of Renault’s Commitment 2009, whereby all diesel engines sold in Europe by 2009 will be able to run on fuel blends containing 30 per cent biofuel. The scheme also makes provision for bringing to market by 2008 one million vehicles emitting less than 140g/km of CO2, of which a third will emit less than 120g/km.

Trafic and Master vehicles fitted with diesel engines running on B30 biodiesel were released in France in December 2006. Trafic is available with a 90hp and 115hp 2.0 dCi B30 engine, while Master is equipped with a 100hp and 120hp 2.5 dCi B30 unit. These engines are able to run on diesel or on a diesel/biodiesel mix with up to 30 per cent biodiesel content.

Renault is targeting these models primarily at fleet customers who want to reduce the CO2 emissions of their vehicles.

Alongside the Trafic and Master, Renault is launching a 110hp 1.6 16V Mégane running on E85 bio-ethanol in spring 2007.