Research on paper

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Research at Finnish research agency VTT is developing new methods for the economical mass production of bioactive paper products to indicate and remove allergens from water and air.


Bioactive paper has functions based on the selective reactions of biomolecules, such as enzymes or antibodies. The application possibilities include indicators or sensors attached to filters, food product packaging or personal health diagnostics, which all would be cheaper than current products. The paper also has the advantage of being biodegradable.


VTT’s project aims to gather basic knowledge and create enabling technologies for producing intelligent fibre-based products in a cost-efficient way. The work utilises forest and bioindustrial knowledge, and it creates potential for new products in both industrial areas.


The goal is to use and develop the paper's strength as a material, as well as to create new business for the paper industry and strengthen its current state.

The project is one of the key projects of the Centre for Printed Intelligence, initiated by VTT in 2006. The centre’s purpose is to introduce new innovations and market initiatives between the traditional ICT and paper industries by combining IT, electronics and printing technologies. The goal is to promote the commercialisation of products and to create new business aimed at the global markets.