Ribbon interface simplifies data acquisition and analysis

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The latest version of HBM’s catman®AP features a modern user interface and additional functions to simplify data acquisition and analysis work. Based on the ribbon-style menus developed for Microsoft Office 2007, the interface benefits users by grouping similar tasks so that the correct tool can be more easily selected.

Complex menus have been replaced by function keys that are sorted by topic. Icons are of different sizes depending on their relative importance. The icons are combined with text and tooltips to help users select the correct analysis tool; catman®AP 3.0 can operate with the Windows Vista operating system.

Version 3.0 supports HBM's latest QuantumX amplifiers and provides an interface for direct data transmission into nCode GlyphXE™ – HBM's data analysis software – for demanding analyses. The software has been designed on an open architecture platform allowing users to easily integrate any proprietary functions.

catman®AP 3.0 provides test and measurement professionals with an easy-to-use measurement software that is suitable for a wide range of test and measurement applications. The latest version enables measurement tasks to be easily set up and reduces the time taken to start taking measurements.

HBM can provide customers with a complete measurement chain when catman®AP 3.0 is combined with HBM’s extensive range of transducers and amplifiers.
More information: www.hbm.com/catman.

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