RIPS contract for Goodrich

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Goodrich Corporation been selected by AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, to supply the Rotorblade Ice Protection System (RIPS) for the AW139 medium, twin-engine helicopter.

According to Goodrich, the system assists in keeping the aircraft's main and tail rotor blades ice-free during extreme operating conditions by using Goodrich's DuraTherm electro-thermal de-icing mat technology.

‘The DuraTherm mat technology increases overall system reliability and improves flight crew safety by tolerating damage while continuing to operate,’ commented Don Reynolds, Vice President, Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems.

The Goodrich Rotorblade Ice Protection System is used to shed accreted ice and assist in maintaining ice-free conditions for the helicopter's main and tail rotor blades.

The DuraTherm electro-thermal ice protection technology uses heater mats that consume less power; have higher fatigue strength; can tolerate considerable damage, including punctures; and continue to provide ice protection.

The heater controllers and power distributors monitor heater mat power consumption and operation, distribute power throughout the system's components, and provide flight crews with visual operational status.