Rockwell Automation Introduces Fluid Routing Solution

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Rockwell Automation Introduces Fluid Routing Solution for Increasing Throughput and Improving Asset Utilisation

Rockwell Automation has introduced the industry’s first repeatable, standard fluid routing solution delivered on a process controller platform. The solution provides consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers with a configurable system that provides a flexible and efficient way to transfer fluids from one destination to the next, while helping to reduce system life cycle costs and minimise waste.

“The routing of fluids has become one of the most complex control challenges in today’s plants due to an increased number of production vessels, smaller order quantities and larger valve matrixes,” said Mike Jamieson, global director - Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, Rockwell Automation. “The Fluid Routing solution helps simplify this process by using pre-developed modules to define and control routing paths. This helps reduce system life cycle costs and improve scalability.”  
Many CPG manufacturers employ custom programming to develop routing paths and sequences, requiring complex logic that is time-consuming, error-prone and difficult to maintain since systems can be so unique. Moreover, when plants add process piping or implement new procedures, engineers have to re-write code to handle the change in functionality.

The Rockwell Automation Fluid Routing solution, which is delivered on the Logix Control Platform and the FactoryTalk integrated production and performance software suite, addresses this problem by applying standard control technology and reusable engineering that can be easily deployed in virtually any production environment—from simple, partially-automated facilities to complex, fully-automated piping networks.

The fluid routing solution is available with a range of functionality, including static routing with pre-defined paths; static routing with business rules; and dynamic routing, where the system will select the best path based on the availability of devices, process piping and defined cost or performance criteria.

The solution is ideal for process plants that have:
• Multiple paths and simultaneous material movement
• Frequent process changes, conversions or piping modifications 
• Routing path selection based on product sequencing, material compatibility, or time since path last used
• Extensive cleaning requirements

The Rockwell Automation Fluid Routing Solution is currently available.

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