Rollable displays

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Polymer Vision has acquired Innos, the manufacturing subcontractor of the company's rollable displays, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition comes within one year of Polymer Vision's spin out from Royal Philips Electronics. The Innos business activities will be integrated into Polymer Vision, but the company's manufacturing facility will remain in its current location at the Millbrook Technology Campus in Southampton, UK.

'Replacing glass based displays as the dominant display option for mobile devices is not a simple challenge, but that is what Polymer Vision is going to do. With the Innos activities now an integral part of the team, this will happen even faster,' said Karl McGoldrick, CEO of Polymer Vision.

Polymer Vision plans to bring to market the world's first rollable display enabled mobile through a partnership with Telecom Italia (TI) which will market it as "Librofonino" exclusively in Italy through TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile).

Polymer Vision is also in discussions with other leading Mobile Network Operators to launch its display technology in products outside Italy.