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24th February 2009: Scandmist high performance oil smoke and mist eliminators are now available in the UK from Kitagawa Europe Ltd following the company’s appointment as a distributor for Scandfilter’s complete product range.

Developed to remove neat oil, oil emulsion mist and smoke, as well as other contaminants such as micro swarf, bacteria and mould spores from the workshop environment, Scandmist units achieve better than 99.95% separation of particles down to 0.3 microns diameter. 

At the heart of each unit is a three stage filtration process that outperforms traditional centrifugal and ionised element filters to produce clean air exceeding all international Health & Safety standards.

Suitable for round-the-clock operation, Scandmist units enable separated oil to be returned to the machine tool for re-use, conserving valuable resources and reducing overall costs. Likewise, routine maintenance is eliminated through the need for operators to simply monitor the equipment’s gauges in use. In addition, the system’s high efficiency filters require no cleaning and typically can be employed for more than two years before replacement.

Machine tools are currently being pushed to operate at ever increasing speeds in order to maximise productivity and throughput. In parallel, coolant systems are required to run at higher pressures to maintain their effectiveness – significantly increasing the generation of oil smoke and mist. Traditional collection systems simply cannot cope with these conditions and allow coolant fumes to escape into the workshop atmosphere, taking other contaminants with it. 

By contrast, Scandmist offers a range of machine-mounted or free-standing OEM and retrofit units matched to the most demanding operating environments. As a result, coolant mist is dispersed rapidly and, because the machine enclosure is maintained at slightly below atmospheric pressure, covers can be opened almost immediately at the end of the cutting cycle without contaminated air escaping or blowing into operators’ faces. Furthermore, load / unload times are significantly reduced, enabling customers to maximise the utilisation of their valuable machine tool resources.

Payback is further enhanced by the equipment’s simple, low cost installation procedures and the ability of single Scandmist units to service multiple machine tools.

Through its collaboration with Swedish-based Scandfilter, Kitagawa Europe can offer advise on model selection to machine tool importers and Original Equipment Manufacturers, as well as conduct on-site oil mist surveys and risk assessments, provide full installation services and customer after sales support. The company can also provide bespoke units and complete oil mist removal systems tailored to users’ individual operating requirements.

About Kitagawa Europe Ltd
Based in Wiltshire, Kitagawa Europe offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of workholding and productivity solutions in the UK. The company draws on more than 60 years chuck development and manufacturing experience – and has established its B200-series units as the world’s most popular power chuck range. 

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