Shenxing battery delivers 400km on ten-minute charge

Chinese battery manufacturer CATL has launched Shenxing, a superfast charging lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) claimed to deliver 400km of range with a 10-minute charge.


Said to be the world’s first 4C superfast charging LFP, CATL said vehicle range can be extended to over 700km once fully charged. To get to 80 per cent charge the LFP needs a 10 minute charge at room temperature and 30 minutes in temperatures down to -10°C.

An ‘an expressway for current conduction’ has been made possible with CATL's second-generation fast ion ring technology, which modifies the surface of the graphite anode to increase intercalation channels and shorten the intercalation distance for lithium ions.


Furthermore, so-called super electronic network cathode technology and nano-crystallised LFP cathode material creates a network for the extraction of lithium ions and a rapid response to charging signals. The battery also contains a new superconducting electrolyte formula, which reduces the viscosity of the electrolyte and improves conductivity.

For safety, algorithms regulate the global temperature field inside the cells, which amounts to a real-time fault testing system ‘that can solve problems’ brought about by fast charging.

“The future of the EV battery technology must remain steadfastly anchored at the global technology frontier as well as the economic benefits,” Dr. Wu Kai, CATL’s chief scientist said in a statement. “As EV consumers shift from pioneering users to ordinary users, we should make advanced technology accessible for all and enable everyone to savor the fruits of innovation.” 

Gao Huan, CTO of CATL’s China E-car Business, Shenxing will be mass produced by the end of this year. Electric vehicles equipped with Shenxing will be on the market in the first quarter of 2024. 

According to Car News China, the first EV manufacturer to use Shenxing will be Avatr, a joint venture between CATL and Changan with participation from Huawei.