Shift to security

JDS Uniphase’s SecureShift Phantom labels use an innovative optical brand protection technology to provide a significant advantage over alternative methods such as holograms.

JDS Uniphase’s

SecureShift Phantom labels use a proprietary optical technology to provide an alternative to methods such as holograms, the primary technology used for brand authentication.

The JDS Uniphase SecureShift Phantom labels are based on a proprietary, multi-layer pigment developed and manufactured exclusively by the company.

The pigment is used in conjunction with a label printing process, also developed and patented by JDS Uniphase, to produce customisable images that exhibit unique, easy to identify optical effects.

Labels can be produced in a wide variety of formats, in both conventional and tamper-evident forms, and can include such features as serialization and multiple covert layers, in addition to the Phantom overt layer.