Snap-on TCMax Asset Management Software

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Add up the costs. The daily drip, drip, drip of lost equipment, the time tracking things down, the paperwork, the lines, the processes, the time spent slogging through complicated inventory procedures.The costs can be huge.

TCMax from Snap-on Industrial is the software system that takes asset management to a whole new level of speed, control, accuracy and cost effectiveness. Easy to learn and simple to operate, TCMax can digitize your workshop or storage facility, ensuring that tools and equipment are fully accounted for. It is the fastest, most accurate way to check tools in and out.


TCMax is tool control software that talks, eliminating the need to repeatedly look at the computer screen between bar code scans. It says "Issue", "Turn In", and "Enter Quantity" as appropriate to prompt the user and warns of "Overdue Calibration", "Inspection Overdue" or "Caution, Tool Removed" when necessary. In addition, each tool is displayed as a photo image on the computer screen. Custom label making software is included so you can easily print your own barcode labels.


TCMax delivers full reports on tools and assets - location, employee, restocking/ordering, calibration renewal, operating instructions, hazard warnings and more - the total digital information trail.


TCMax software is designed to fully integrate with Snap-on Industrial's Level 5 hardware to give you a total tool storage and management system. Level 5 lets you to position tools for maximum efficiency, quickly locate tools to complete jobs fast and see at a glance what's missing. Tool cabinet drawers are fitted with colored foam inserts in which the profile of each tool is cut, so each tool has its own place. Electronic security locks ensure only authorized personnel have access. Tools can be laser engraved with a logo, serial number or bar code.


TCMax can be applied to many products and services in many sectors -  manufacturing, facilities management, utilities, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military, plant hire - wherever equipment, components and consumables need to be  controlled, tracked and accounted for.


TCMax is made to fit your needs and Snap-on Industrial offers application-specific packages to maximize the fit. Minimal "adjusting" is needed so TCMax is up and running fast with minimal integration costs.


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