Solar-powered concrete

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A new 110kW power plant using solar panels from Evergreen Solar is now operational at concrete supplier Boston Sand and Gravel in Massachusetts.

The solar installation will supply 75 per cent of the overall energy needed to power the company’s maintenance facility in Charlestown.

The plant, which contains more than 500 Evergreen Solar panels, occupies half an acre and is expected to pay for itself within five-and-a-half years.

Earlier this year, Evergreen Solar revealed that a 250kW solar-energy power plant using its solar panels had gone into operation at DuPont’s Pioneer Hi-Bred Waimea Research Center in Kauai, Hawaii.

The solar installation is DuPont’s largest and will supply 85 per cent of the overall energy for the research centre.

That installation contains 1,500 Evergreen Solar panels and occupies an area of one acre.

It was the second solar installation by DuPont to use Evergreen Solar panels, the first of which was located at DuPont’s headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.