Sony cable transmits data and power signals

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Sony Corporation has developed a single-wire interface that allows both data and power to be transmitted through a single copper cable - a move that will simplify the internal wiring of mobile devices.

Conventionally, video, audio and control signals as well as power transmission were spread out over several dozen cables inside mobile devices.

But Sony’s new single-wire interface can bi-directionally transmit several kinds of signals - including video, audio and control signals. In addition, DC power is also supplied on the same signal cable.

The hardware that has been developed to support the new interface is composed of digital circuitry that performs multi-level encoding, analogue circuitry that transmits and receives signals, plus another circuit that combines signals with DC power or separates signals from DC power.

Sony has demonstrated that high transmission speeds of 940Mbit/sec can be achieved using the new interface.

To implement the technology, Sony has teamed up with Rohm and the companies will jointly develop and technically validate the analogue portion of the circuitry used in the new transmission system.

Sony will also grant Rohm a license for the intellectual property of the digital portion of the system to advance the development of a single chip that includes both the analogue and digital portions.