Spam eater

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Technology developed by IBM helps filter and block spam by analysing the true origin of an email.

Dubbed FairUCE (Fair use of Unsolicited Commercial Email), the new technology uses identity management capabilities built into a network.

Since IP addresses are fixed and cannot be changed, FairUCE can identify if messages are arriving from a zombie computer (one taken over by outside software), a robot email device or a legitimate email server. Unlike filters, which identify spam by scanning the content of every email message entering the network, FairUCE blocks and eliminates email from spammers who assume false identities.

The new solution effectively minimises the growing threats of phishing and spoofing - malicious tactics used to trick the unwary into disclosing information that can lead to identity theft.

"Spam has become a high priority security issue for businesses today," said Stuart McIrvine, director of corporate security strategy, IBM. "By creating a multi-layered defense that proactively repels spam at its source, companies can get ahead of spammers and malicious hackers who are always looking for new ways of penetrating IT systems through email."

During February, IBM Security Intelligence Services found that 76% of emails were identified and intercepted as spam, and 2.2% of emails were stopped for carrying a virus, Trojan horse or other malicious content.

FairUCE is available through IBM alphaWorks, an online community that gives early adopters and innovators direct access to emerging technologies and resources created by IBM.