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One of the key benefits of dealing with an established, leading manufacturer is that they can go a step beyond standard equipment off the shelf, and actually make and supply whatever you absolutely need to provide your solution. A notable recent case in point involves storage specialist Lista UK and ITT Flygt – the major worldwide name for heavy-duty industrial pumps.

The design and building of superb new premises for ITT near Nottingham acted as a catalyst for a new outlook for the workshop area, and this has resulted in Lista creating four self-contained maintenance stations – three of the same configuration and a larger one nearest the doors to handle the larger  incoming pumps.

Each station – as it were – consists of Lista B 251 series modular storage walls, workbenches and mobile drawer cabinets. And that’s where standard descriptions end. The storage walls contain shelf filing units for documents, manuals, trays and miscellaneous items – as well as vertical cupboards to house the huge pulley chains and various oil lines, plus the very clever fitting of flush computer screens on which to call up pump plans for example;  the workbenches are fitted with pull-out drawers with all manner of tools in set layouts and topped with stainless steel surfaces adjacent to sockets and overhead lights; and the mobile cabinets serve as a highly practical convenience for the engineers and to save them going back and forth to the station section. Everything is finished in a modern, tasteful combination of blue and grey – whilst being of robust heavy duty construction and incorporating all appropriate health and safety considerations. Mick Rayns of ITT is delighted with the overall result “ it was impressive to have everything tailored to our needs. Our management gave us the scope to initiate this project and it has proved to be an outstanding success for all involved. The new storage system means that there is no hiding place for any tools. Everything is accountable and protected. We were also particularly impressed with Lista’s approach as regards special innovations such as the computer screens and the oil lines neatly tucked away. Our team has embraced the new concept of keeping everything clean and in its place, and we have more space available as well as easier and quicker work flow”.

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