SPEED7 Technology brings faster processing speeds

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VIPAVIPA’s System 300S with SPEED7 technology is available for centralised and decentralised automation applications in a wide range of high-speed processors with scalable memory configurations that can be flexibly and economically matched to exact requ

The VIPA System 300S PLC with SPEED7™ Technology supports STEP®7 programming for ultra-fast automation applications · SPEED7 Technology brings faster processing speeds to Siemens STEP®7 programming with synchronous mixing of VIPA and Siemens S7-300 modules and components

Chipping Norton - UK, March 2006: With its ultra-fast processing capability of over 50K instructions in under 1ms, VIPA’s System 300S with SPEED7™ technology is the fastest PLC in the world programmable with the industry-leading Siemens STEP®7 programming language.

VIPA’s System 300S with SPEED7 technology is available for centralised and decentralised automation applications in a wide range of high-speed processors with scalable memory configurations that can be flexibly and economically matched to exact requirements. Full instruction set and hardware pin compatibility with Siemens S7-300 systems and STEP®7 programming allows modules and components from both companies to be freely mixed to achieve higher performance for advanced processing applications at competitive cost, with VIPA fully supporting ALL approved system hardware.

The DIN rail mounted System 300S includes a family of SPEED7 processors with real time clock and a choice of 128 kB, 256 kB and 512 kB integrated and battery backed memory configured as 50% program and 50% data. For greater flexibility when planning and implementing complex automation systems, all processors are work-memory upgradeable using VIPA’s unique Memory Configuration Card (MCC), enabling up to 8 MB total memory. Processor interfacing options include MP2I and USB-B, Ethernet-Interface for PG/OP-Communication and Profibus DP-Master/Slave as standard – CPUs with integrated CP343 TCP/IP are also offered. The Profibus DP-Master/Slave port can be switched to serial communication protocols including Modbus. For the fastest performance, VIPA’s SPEED-Bus to the left of the CPU, is specified and used with a range of dedicated and fully configurable digital and analog I/O modules as well as Fieldbus Master and communications modules for CP 343 Ethernet, CANopen-Master, Profibus-DP-Master and Interbus Master.

The German manufactured VIPA System 300S takes its design from the admired Siemens S7-300, offering a high level of interconnectivity with specialised automation components from this world-leading company and with VIPA’s own extensive range of modules and components. Bringing the best of both companies ranges results in the clear benefit of greatly increased processing speeds and the potential for faster production throughput on medium-to-large scale automation applications. For those users who are concerned about combined product issues, VIPA and its partners are able to offer technical support and advice for mixed systems.

VIPA customers can therefore enjoy the world beating performance of SPEED7 whilst making very significant cost savings.

STEP®7 compatibility includes SFC’s and OB’s and programming is also possible with other Siemens languages such as LAD, FBD, STL, SCL, Graph7 as CPU-Type 300 or 400 as well as WinPLC7 from VIPA. Minimal cost to switch to VIPA’s SPEED7 Technology is assured with programmers and automation system designers who are already fully conversant with STEP®7, having to make the most minor adaptation for existing systems or new projects.

As a design and manufacturing company with over 20 years in the industry, VIPA’s vast experience has been gained by continued development of leading-edge products. After humble beginnings as a System Integrator for Siemens in Germany, VIPA’s extensive range now includes PLC and PC based automation solutions for centralised and decentralised control for the majority of fieldbus systems. Current VIPA products include the System 100V, 200V, 300V and 500V which offer varying levels of performance from small and simple to extremely complex machine control applications for modular DIN rail and PC slot mounting. An extensive range of HMI’s and other automation system accessories is also available and most VIPA products carry a 24 month warranty and are fully UL approved.

With its SPEED7 technology now applied to more than 3000 world-wide applications and an average annual growth rate exceeding 30%, VIPA are planning for even more growth and an increased range of exciting automation products. Full product details are available on the VIPA website www.vipa.de and a dedicated SPEED7 website is also available at www.speed7.com .

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