Spin-out investment

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Scottish start-up Spiral Gateway has received a cash injection of £730,000 to provide interim support whilst it pursues discussions with key commercial partners.

Imperial Innovations, the Braveheart Investment Group, Bank of Scotland Corporate and Scottish Enterprise’s Scottish Co-investment Fund have jointly invested  £730,000 into Scottish fabless start-up Spiral Gateway.

Spiral Gateway was founded in 2004 as a spin-out from Edinburgh University and is developing a computer processing platform known as the Reconfigurable Instruction Cell Architecture (RICA) that it will be targeting at multimedia, wireless and broadband computing tasks.

The company claims that the technology has the potential to perform signal processing functions that are just as cost effective as current fixed function custom hardware, whilst offering the additional benefit of software programmability.

In March this year, the company received fully working samples of its test chip from its manufacturing house, proving the concepts of the underlying technology.

Spiral Gateway will initially target the mobile phone market with its device. Existing solutions in this market are either hardwired ASIC devices or software programmable DSP cores.

The company is working on products for processing images in mobile phones

The fresh cash will provide interim support for the company whilst it pursues discussions with its key commercial partners.