Sponsored content: QRA Innovates with Qubric - GenAI Revolutionizing Requirements

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based start-up QRA unveils the next generation of engineering tools, with a USD 500,000 infusion from a major player in the defence industry.


The technology company’s new Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tool, Qubric, uses multiple project data streams to generate missing requirements vital to project success.

The modern engineering landscape is more complex than ever: a luxury vehicle can run on 100 million lines of code, an orbital rocket comprises of over 100,000 parts, and energy platforms may undergo 1,000 design changes pre-deployment. One small change can result in months of effort toward subsystem alignment. QRA combats this growing issue by creating products that continuously evaluate and align project data.

“We are removing manual, low-value work from an engineer’s day. Engineers want and deserve to work on high-value-added tasks. When data is housed in multiple tools maintained in silos, quality suffers, alignment suffers, and high-value engineers spend too much time in low-value drudgery,” CEO and Co-founder Jordan Kyriakidis comments. “Gen AI technology is best used as a collaborative agent with the human, and that’s what Qubric does; it automates the low-value tasks giving the engineers the time and bandwidth to focus on higher-value work.”

Data underscores QRA’s efforts, revealing that modern engineers are ensnared in inefficiencies, spending 20% of their time on non-value-added tasks and 30% on outdated information. Qubric is designed to reduce rework and misalignment while enhancing overall project quality. The software identifies gaps in project requirement documentation and automatically generates the necessary requirements, minimizing potential errors with minimal manual effort.

A leading defence contractor has demonstrated its support by purchasing the software and expressing a strong interest in collaboration. Engineers from the organization are now working alongside QRA engineers on Qubric’s product development, where both teams are jointly shaping the future of Gen AI technology. An exciting development for QRA and Halifax alike.

Qubric marks the second product from QRA that is influencing the engineering industry. It follows the company’s first successful engineering tool, QVscribe, an application that evaluates the quality of requirements and specifications. QVscribe's success across the aerospace, energy, medical device, semiconductor, and automotive sectors affirms the critical need for innovative software tools in the global engineering market. QRA’s overarching vision is to evaluate, generate, and predict vital engineering project data using its product suite. Qubric and QVscribe cover the evaluation and generation aspects respectively with the third “predict” tool in development. Together these products will create an integrated system that monitors and analyzes development data; delivering the right information, to the right person at the right time.

At QRA, we believe that too many high-value engineers spend too much time on low-value work. This underemployment restricts progress and ultimately limits society. Our central conceit is that recent technology, purposely applied, can expand humankind’s reach, can wield complexity, and can help bring to life the most advanced cyber-physical systems. This fuels our mission to increase productivity in complex product development by 10x. We build software tools that automate the generation, evaluation, and prediction of engineering artifacts necessary to specify, design, and certify the remarkable systems our customers build. Armed with our unwavering mission, and our core values of Tenacity, Agency, and Openness, we aim to deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time. This is our path.