BAE Systems has received $49m from the US Navy to develop a system that can rapidly identify and track camouflaged or concealed objects and targets.

The Joint Multi-Mission Electro-Optical System (JMMES) contract calls for BAE Systems to develop aircraft sensors that enable passive, non-intrusive detection of submerged and concealed targets.

According to BAE Systems, JMMES will detect, classify, identify, and track otherwise hard-to-find objects to support tactical operations and homeland security missions.

Using sensors compatible with naval aircraft, JMMES will demonstrate automatic processing and a targeting capability intended for joint, coalition, and inter-service surveillance needs.

The project is said to continue BAE Systems' research and development efforts to extend antisubmarine warfare capabilities into areas such as mine countermeasures, maritime interdiction operations, surface warfare, search and rescue, and detection of illicit crops and other concealed targets.

All work will be performed in Honolulu and is expected to be completed in June 2012.