Standing Room Only as Wheelabrator Launches New Vertical Blast Machine

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World market leading surface preparation specialist Wheelabrator Group is turning the industry on its head with the launch of a new vertical blast machine.

Designed for manufacturers with limited space, the Vertical Roller Conveyor Shot Blast Machine (Type: RB 4000-5.3/8/11) is capable of treating steel sheets from 0.5m to 5m wide, blasting both sides of the workpiece simultaneously.  At less than five metres wide it is half the size of its standard horizontal counterparts and the innovative format allows a reduced blast time, increasing production efficiency.

Rob Goodwin, UK field sales manager for Wheelabrator Group, said: “This new machine has been conceived to help customers for whom space comes at a premium. Historically, the biggest challenge holding back the development of efficient vertical cabinets has been ensuring the accurate positioning of steel sheets, prior to insertion in the machine.

“By adapting the machine for individual customer requirements, prior to installation, we can overcome this, giving a precise and equal blast pattern on both sides of the sheet.”

The machine fits easily into production lines and its specialist makeup consisting of a conveyor, turntable and crane enables horizontal steel to be brought into the correct vertical position before entering the blast chamber.

Suitable for all types of abrasives, the machine holds the steel sheet at an 80 degree angle and can be fitted with up to eight blast turbines.

Mr Goodwin said: “One of the benefits of vertical blasting is the abrasive media rolls off, eliminating the need for brushing or cleaning afterwards. This saves time and allows the machine to be even more compact, as there is no need for an integral cleaning station.

“In a vertical configuration the blast wheels can be positioned at the same distance away from the workpiece, giving a uniform finish and making the entire manufacturing process more efficient.”

Wheelabrator Group owns, designs, manufactures and provides wheelblast, airblast and vibratory mass finishing equipment for surface preparation and cleaning, and serves a variety of sectors, including the aerospace and automotive industries. Further information can be found at

For product enquiries or to arrange a visit to Wheelabrator Group’s Surface Technology Centre, please contact: Brian Rodgers, sales manager, Wheelabrator Group, on 0161 928 6388 or


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