Step off the gas

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Nissan Motor is helping drivers become more fuel-efficient by launching a new accelerator pedal that can correct inefficient driving behaviour.

Nissan Motor has its sights set on helping drivers to become more fuel-efficient by developing a new accelerator pedal that can 'correct' inefficient driving behaviour.

The so-called ECO Pedal system is designed to assist drivers to become more fuel-efficient. In use, the system is fed data on the rate of fuel consumption and transmission efficiency during acceleration and cruising. It then calculates an optimum acceleration rate.

When a driver exerts excess pressure on the accelerator, the system counteracts, pushing the accelerator back.

At the same time, an eco-driving indicator incorporated on the instrument panel feeds the driver with real-time fuel consumption levels to help improve his or her driving behaviour.

Nissan plans to commercialise the ECO Pedal during 2009. Research conducted by the company has shown that by using the ECO Pedal drive system, drivers can improve fuel efficiency by 5-10 per cent, depending on driving conditions.

The ECO Pedal system can be turned on or off according to the driver’s preference.